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Pilot Farm Network

A launchpad for on-farm innovations

Meet Agnition /

Who we are

Agnition is the innovation and investment arm of Ravensdown – one of New Zealand’s largest ag co-operatives. Agnition is focussed on getting innovations on farm faster. The overall intent for Agnition is to be the ‘scout’ between the countless international and domestic innovations in agriculture and horticulture and what our farmers and growers need.


Our Mission /

Get innovations that work on farm quicker!

“To accelerate the delivery and adoption
of practical innovations
that benefit our industry and NZ
trialled and tested 
with and for
our farmers and growers”

Introducing the Pilot Farm Network /

What is the Pilot Farm Network?

We are creating a network of leading New Zealand farmers and growers who want to get a taste of curated New Zealand and international technological solutions and services.

It’s an opportunity for farmers and growers to test cutting edge technology, at little to no cost, which could help improve farm operations and crop yields. They will also get to have a say in the future development of the technology by providing feedback to the innovators. We believe that by closing the gap between innovators and farmers and growers, we can make meaningful progress towards smarter farming for a better NZ.

Why join the Pilot Farm Network

Being part of the network provides an opportunity to get a preview of leading innovations in our sector, and test and access new solutions or services before commercial release, creating what’s known as a first-mover advantage. Pilot Farms will also receive discounts on the solutions during a pilot and once they are commercially available, as a way to recognise Pilot Farms’ contribution to product testing and development.


Launch /

Launching our first set of summer pilots

The Pilot Farm Network is launching in October 2023 with five exciting innovations.

These innovative solutions are either market-ready and looking to get more feedback from farmers and growers or are validating their proposition pre-commercial release.

All innovators are offering a pilot farms a good deal during the pilot and post (with early adopter discounts).



AI powered digital assistant for dairy farmers

On-Farm Benefits:

Pilot Objectives:

Opportunity for farmers to try AIMER with no commitment, collect additional farmer insights

Farm Type:

Up to 50 dairy farms

Carbon Crop


Restore forests, store carbon, and get paid

On-Farm Benefits:

Pilot Objectives:

Validate new digital platform and farm’s self-serve proposition, customer feedback pre-launch

Farm Type:

Farms with woody forest vegetation looking to maximise carbon revenue and minimise net emissions.

Up to 10 initially, but open to more



Boosted oxygen saturation levels in irrigated water

On-Farm Benefits:

Pilot Objectives:

Get more data from small trial systems to validate the benefits for growers (Orchards)

Farm Type:

Up to 5 Orchards

CropMark Seeds


Novel endophyte within perennial ryegrass

On-Farm Benefits:

Pilot Objectives:

To introduce the new endophyte-containing ryegrass prior to its commercialisation and distribution

Farm Type:

Up to 25 dairy, beef and sheep farmers who value high performance pastures



Automated soil sensors & CropX web platform

On-Farm Benefits:

Pilot Objectives:

Refine value proposition to improve future adoption

Farm Type:

Dairy farmers (irrigated & non-irrigated)

Vegetable growers (especially potato)

Engagement /

Launch Webinars

We successfully conducted two launch webinars in the first half of October, which were attended by over 70 customers.

During the webinars we shared why we’ve set up the pilot farm network and how it works. More importantly, our innovators shared their technologies, the potential on-farm benefits and the fantastic deals that are available to the farmers and growers that sign up to a pilot. The recordings will be made available shortly.

In case you missed the webinar but would like to participate in a pilot or simply find out more information, please click the button below “Agnition Pilot Farm Network Signup” and we will get in touch with you.  

Spaces are limited and starting to fill up – so we encourage you to get in early.

Participate /

Register your interest in a pilot here.

If you would like to sign up to one of the pilots or get in touch to hear more about their offer. Please press the button below, and we will get in touch with you.

Contacts /

Pilot Farm Contact

Christy Chapman

Christy Chapman

Agtech growth specialist

B. Agriculture & Ravensdown

Innovators Contact

Shikha Poonia

Shikha Poonia

Commercial Growth Manager

Ex HSBC, Johnson & Johnson, PwC